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When everyone advertises the best CLOUD BACKUP FOR BUSINESS, finding the right solution to backup your critical data can be very frustrating, not to mention finding more providers for other business solutions
and managing different service agreements.

So, how can you choose the right cloud services for your business?

Backup Freedom solutions are powered by our advanced data centers exclusively located in the United States with US-based technical support specialists.

arrow  We are a “one-stop shop” for cloud services, from Cloud Backup For Business to online storage, file sharing, disaster recovery, FTP and hosted servers.

arrow  Our multi-level service platform enables us to integrate separate solutions for your business and provide higher reliability and 30% average savings compared to other providers.

arrow  We also offer disaster recovery services; we can come on-site or connect remotely to help you rebuild your systems in case of a crash or disaster.

arrow  Whether it's cloud backup or any other solution, Backup Freedom plans are always tailored to the specific business needs and budget of each client.

arrow  All of our services are conveniently billed under a single account.


Why is our Cloud Backup For Business a smarter investment? 

Cloud backup is like buying insurance for your data, but it is only as good as its ability to quickly and effectively help your business recover in the event of a crash or disaster.

Depending on the speed of your Internet connection and the amount of your data, recovering files can be quick or take longer; if you have a slower Internet connection and/or large volumes of data, it might take a few days.

Unlike other providers of Cloud Backup for Business, however, we also offer alternative recovery options and we can immediately load your files on a secure hard drive and ship it to you.


-  Backup Freedom cloud services also do not have any fine print:

1.  We don’t lure you with offers of “unlimited storage” and then charge other "miscellaneous" service fees.

2.  When you sign up, one of our backup engineers will come on-site or connect remotely to analyze your systems and develop a cost-effective solution for your specific business needs and budget.

3.  We don’t restrict the number and type of files you can backup and restore each day.

4.  Our Cloud Backup for Business is not limited to documents and emails; you can also backup program and system files and other types of data.

5.  Files are erased from your cloud backup only if you choose to do so; if you delete a file on your systems, we will not automatically deleted it after 30 or even 60 days in order to free up space on our servers.

6.  You can backup local and network drives as well as external hard drives and other storage devices.

7.  Backup Freedom can be used not only as a backup or restore process for your business and system files, but also to simply move files if you want to free up space on your systems.


-  The financial losses resulting from data loss and prolonged system downtime can be devastating and can quickly drive a company out of business.

Did you know that many tape, disk and cloud backups are corrupt or they are never performed correctly? And that most businesses find out only after their systems have crashed?

Backup Freedom cloud services check and verify the integrity of your data using industry-leading algorithms such as MD5, SHA-512 and SHA-256.

Crashes and disasters happen when you least expect them. Don't wait until it's too late and don't put your data in the wrong hands! Speak to a Backup Freedom specialist today! Call (800) 920-7451 and visit our main website here.

New customers always receive a FREE month of CLOUD BACKUP FOR BUSINESS or any other Backup Freedom service.

                    Backup Freedom services provide Cloud Backup For Business and other hosted solutions in the United States.

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